Parting Stone

Bellevue House


The parting stone in John Elliot Square,
Roxbury, MA




Two beautiful Homes on Fort Hill are featured on this website.  Bellevue House and Parting Stone. 

Bellevue House is an 1835 Greek Revival home that has been preserved as a wonderful example of the architecture during this period.  Greek revival was in vogue during the early 19th century as we likened our newly found Republic to the original Republic of Greece.  Owned by many families over the years it stands on the Old Road to Dedham now known as Centre St. in Roxbury, Massachusetts.



A few blocks away stands Parting Stone, named after the famous stone marker in Roxbury erected in 1744 where the Post Road from Boston forked north to Watertown and Cambridge and South to Dedham an Rhode Island. Unlike Bellevue House, this home was constructed in 2007 in an attempt to capture the style of homes built on Fort Hill in the late 1800's. Proportions and layouts were used in many Italianate homes in Roxbury.

Many grand homes like these ring Highland Park and are Landmark quality architecture.


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