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Parting Stone is an Italianate style home built in 2007.  The neighbors swears it has been there forever which is a complement to a design that is faithful to the old style of homes found on Fort Hill.  Window size, ceiling height and the layout are all taken from historic properties in the area.  Inside you can find details that live up to the time period as well with ornate plaster moldings, iron scrolled double stairways, frescoed ceilings.  One room framing the staircase has 18 foot ceilings  the rest of the 1st floor has 11 foot ceilings. 

The home is presently a 2 family home with a side porch and private entrance to a 2 bedroom 3 level apartment.  The main house features 3 bedrooms and 3-1/2 bathrooms on three levels of 3250 square feet plus a full basement.  The entire house is 4,850 square feet.

The project was part of Boston Neighborhood Development plan for the area that offers city owned land for both low and moderate income families as well as some market rate housing. Once a property is released into this program, applicants that wish to purchase the land must submit plans, financial forecasts, personal history  to be considered.  Once the most qualified applications are identified by the department, the plans are sent to the neighborhood committees which vote for the one they want in their neighborhood. In this case Parting Stone was selected.  Taking 2 years to plan and 2 years to build it is a fine addition to the historic Fort Hill Neighborhood.

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